How to make slime without borax using daily household items

In the early times, kids were happy enough to play with clay materials and simple games only, but now kids make their own playing materials like slime with households stuff. In recent times it is very popular among the kids that how they can make their slime at home with some easy steps and it is the coolest thing for them. So, Aarya will share some easy steps to make slime at home and its types.

One of the easy steps of making slime is with some liquid glue, water and borax. People generally use borax in their households but never realize its other uses; it can easily dissolve in the water and can be found in any grocery stores. It is an ingredient commonly found in the laundry cleaners and detergents, it is perfectly safe to use but keep it away from very small kids. It can also be found in the eye drops solution, eye lens cleaner, fire retardant, room fresheners, shaving foams and roach spray. Many types of slimes are can be made like cornstarch slime, powdered fiber slime, liquid starch slime, edible glowing dark slime, and laundry detergent slime.
Here Aarya will share the slime made with glue, water, without borax and washing detergent.

It is her first attempt of making slime with household materials; want to share it with friends and with the related people. It can made with some very easy steps and to make it one will need a bowl, measuring spoons, a mixing spoon, some paints, glitters, or any food coloring. The other things needed like eye drops solution or lens cleaner, any kind of liquid glue and here she is using the fevicol liquid glue solution, any liquid soap, and shaving foam is optional.
All the ingredients are now present here, so let’s make the slime by using them. First of all she will take a bowl, will pour some liquid glue into it, there is no such measurement and one can take of small amount at first, and then will add liquid soap solution into it and will mix it well. Then will add any of the food color like pink or orange or any other color which one will like and then mix it totally. One should not add so much of color, if added then it can look weird and have to be careful while mix the materials. After take the eye drop solution, pour some drops into this bowl and if required pour some more drops into it. Now one can see changes in the consistency before adding the eye drops it was in a liquefied form and after adding it and mixing it well, it is getting slightly solidified form. After mixing the materials if one needs can add more of eye drops and can add it till the solution gets into the slime consistency. Now mix it continuously and add eye drops until the solution sticks to hands, the bowl and it can take little bit of time. After mixing it well, now it became in a perfect form of slime, one can make different things from it and can play with it.